Art Gephyr

Emotional Invalid

The eye readily perceives
Aberrant constitution,
The body empathetically reels
Upon a twisted limb's gait.

The mind unquestionably measures
Implicitly absent sensations
And limitations inherent
In another's nonexistent hand.

However, the immutably proven
And the irrefutably concrete
Erode with the subjective intangibility
Of emotional deficiencies.

Incognizant of inner intentions,
Motives can easily be disguised--
Cruelty as idiosyncratic nature,
Mockery as sportive joke.

Following the subtle tracks
Through a passive-aggressive fog
Where insistent denial casts doubt
On your own assuredness

The blame thus turns upon you
As unforgivably intolerant
And outrageously judgmental.
One question thus remains:

What threshold of violating actions
Must pass before your gaze
Before you yourself recognize
The incurable emotional invalid?