Art Gephyr

I've Been Hooked

I've been hooked
And it's hard to put
The feelings into perspective
When I sit at my desk
Trying to work, struggling to focus
Reading, but my eyes inevitably stop
Mid-page, mid-sentence, mid-word
As my thoughts wander back
To you

Yes, I've been hooked
And I wonder if I should believe
The text you sent
With its formalities
And finalities and goodbye's
Or the meeting after
Which felt like a continuation
And ended open

I find it funny to hear you say
That you like the way I touch you
When I love the way you touch me
I find it funny to hear you beg
For me to kiss you
When I want so much for you to kiss me
I find it funny to hear you say
That you love the way I fuck you
When I'm addicted to the way you fuck me

I don't pretend
That you love me
But you are a loving person
And that's what I love about you
I don't pretend
That I want lengthy conversations
Although in the quiet moments
Whispered conversations are nice
I don't pretend
That I want you to buy me dinner
Or to taste the good food
That you claim to expertly cook
Although if we had a morning after
I would love to share the best shakshuka
I don't pretend
That you want to see me dressed up
Or care if my undergarments match
Are sexy, expensive, or lacy
But if you asked, I would
Only for you to remove them again

You laughed
As you watched me struggle
With your shirt-sleeve buttons
"You asked for it, babe"
"Yes, and I'm enjoying the frustration"
And despite the prolonged silence
I enjoy the frustration, still
Sometimes, I wonder
If at this exact moment
Wherever you happen to be
If you enjoy the frustration, too