Art Gephyr

So Close

We were siphoned
Out of the same blood
Cleaved off the same flesh,
But I, aside from formalities,
Felt no closer to you
Than to a stranger

So many times I have traveled
And been near, but not seen you,
Or seen you, but been chaperoned
With few words between us,
As we both prefer
To watch others drown the air

You, older, can remember
A baptism, long trips, a wedding,
While I have only vague memories--
A stolen bed and feet pajamas,
Scratchy pillows and photographs
From a time I should recall,
But don't

Now, together,
We are alone
Alone in the car at sundown
On the slow-winding back-road
Alone with the phone you refuse to answer
Alone in the house you called ours
Alone with the passing of mourners
Alone amongst the graves that steadily fill

Perhaps there is a secret
Scent, a bonding pheromone
Hidden in silent tears

I've never felt so
Close to you as now,
When no words
Pass between us