Art Gephyr

The Bridge

Walking home with a friend
Climbing the stairs
That cross the tracks
The bridge
I traverse
Nearly every day
Where I've learned to appreciate
The eerie metallic whip
Of wheels hugging the curved rails
Sound ricocheting
Off the stone wall running the route
Announcing an approaching train
Behind the sandy hill
If we sprint fast enough
Two steps at a time
We can arrive
Stand above the engine
As it passes
Experience the pistons vibrate the world
As the diesel fumes burn our nostrils
A taste of what it would be like
To dive in an erupting volcano
Swim in the churning lava of the Earth's core
Or plunge through the furnace of the sun
To embrace raw power
And still survive
Magic amongst crumbling cement
Apartment complexes
Graffiti covered walls
Empty plastic bottles
Crumpled cigarette butts
It was on this bridge
Of excitement
Of hope
Became lovers