Art Gephyr

After a Half Bottle of Red Wine

After a half-bottle of red wine
Two pints of amber beer
Three shots
Of strangely colored sugary stuff
That burned on the way down
You confessed that
For a time after your
You were so angry
You fucked everything
That moved
And I pondered the feasibility
Of such a statement
Given the excess number
Of stray cats
Wandering this damn town

Strange, though,
How "getting even"
Often encompasses the transformation
Of sex,
An intimate act of intense
Emotional vulnerability,
Into a weapon

I cannot profess my own
Using the ruler of internal hurt
It is too easy to extrapolate the behavior
Of one bad person to
All men are assholes, or
All women think too highly of themselves

Where does that leave us two
As we gather our coats
In the closing bar?
You speak of expectations
High standards
A zero-tolerance for a woman's bull shit
You let the door slam upon me
And the quickness in your step
Leaves me behind

Surely by now you realize
You attract only
The kind of person you are
For me
A stilted half-armed hug
Can never replace
A full-bodied kiss