Art Gephyr

Last night, I watched two documentaries

Last night, I watched two documentaries
and one artistic compilation
inspired by someone's life.
Last night, I watched two films I've seen before
and one new, recommended by a friend.
Last night, I spent five hours
watching others, searching for solutions
to the problem of surviving versus thriving.
Passively watching, actively procrastinating,
justifying myself--I am not machine,
permitting failure
but where I fail remains undecided.

Last night, I was reminded
that success requires two lifetimes
compressed to one.
How unfortunate I'm addicted to sleep.
Last night, I was told
that few will understand
and even less will care
but with persistence, maybe fame from the grave.
Last night, I was shown the whims of
luck, temptation and exploitation
but is lifetime hardship truly
the seed of creativity or
merely the sexiest story?
The world loves marketers
but I feel neither genius nor insane.
I'm just an average person
with the average dream
of living a non-average life.