Art Gephyr

The First Time

The first time
He did not last for penetration
But blamed instead his
Christian ways of too holy
For masturbation

This time he lasted
A mere two stroke ejaculation
And blamed the failed control
On the now soiled body,
Corrupted of innocence

Glaring disgust from the chair
On the right, clothed and honored
Spewing verses just
Upon a prostrate woman
Grounded naked with a sheet

The white cannot veil
The injection that could have been,
Even if instead it was tied with a knot
In rubber at the bottom
Of an empty can

The dawn of guilt smothers the air
Across the heavy fibers of
Tightly drawn curtains
Around the bolted television
Upon the faux veneered table

And the irony
That the spreading
Leaves only one painfully impure,
While the pleasured tool
Struts erect and empowered

The object now sufficiently demeaned
He strips again and plunges
Deep inside the carnal diversion
Secure that his honor
Always straddles on top