Art Gephyr

I Had a Problem Once

Tried to tell Ange,
but she lectured instead
that my life was all wrong
for a woman my age.

Tried to tell Pat,
who first gave a hug,
but something felt weird
and contrived about that.

Tried to tell Bob,
but he gave me this look,
and quickly our chat
returned back to cheer.

Tried to tell Jill,
but she jabbered in first,
with her life as a series
of endless disasters.

Tried to tell Matt,
and we actually met,
but played with his phone
when I started to talk.

Tried to tell Joe,
who was silent at first,
then distant by mail
a few days ago.

Tried to tell Chris,
but the phone rang and
rang, and concluded by then
she just wouldn't pick up.

Now I've decided
to forfeit my problem
as things were much better
with big grins and jokes.