Art Gephyr

Why Is a Booty Call Bad?

Why is a booty call bad?
To be wanted for sex
To be wanted for a touch
A smell along the neck
A kiss in the middle of the street
In the cold
Not caring when a car drives by
To know that another person was thinking about you
As you about him

Is it the opinion of someone else that defines me?
I know what I am, and what I want
Am I cheap because someone else thinks I am?
Because someone else doesn't understand
Or condemns desire?
That my choices
Are an affront to their invented god of decency,
Their arbitrary propriety?
Shame is the weapon
That keeps a woman under control
A noose of humiliation
A mental amputation
If they can't themselves wield the knife
For female circumcision.

But why is only the woman at fault?
Why not the man, who is equally willing?
Perhaps he is my booty call
When he cautiously wakes me at 3am
And I decide if I want him or not.
Perhaps he is cheap
When he waits and wishes I command him,
"Get over here!"

If I call him my lover
And treat him as my lover
And accept him as my lover
Because physical desire is a love
Albeit unranked amongst the standard
Consensus of love-quality
And if his voice calms me
And his embrace warms me
And if we can accept the mental masturbations
Of philosophical debates
And high conversations as a kind of love,
Platonic love in the absence of physical form,
Then why not accept love
In the absence of intellectual form?

And yes, both loves together
In one person is something worth searching
But hard to find
So in the meantime
In addition to my colleagues and my friends
I have another...
I have a lover
Unashamed mutual physical pleasure
Nothing more
But also absolutely nothing less.