Art Gephyr

Here We Are

Here we are,
distant at best.
I wonder, maybe,
if I tried too little. Maybe.
If i pushed too hard. Maybe.
If it would have been better
as we were.


I like you,
more than a friend,
perhaps even love,
if I were brave to admit.
But I'm not brave,
so you'll never know.
And you're not brave,
so I'll never know.
We're both guilty, you see?


You can't force me to change
just because you want,
even when you're sometimes right.
I suggest the word "suggest,"
and offer the word "patience."

Thus we have yet to met
at the same place
at the same time.
Though I still hope...


So I'll no longer press,
not for love, nor friendship, nor hate,
and I think, maybe,
distance is best.