Art Gephyr

That Long Night

So faint
Barely audible
My name
Or at least I thought
The air carried it
Some words
So so warm
And good
And sweet
Whatever they were
But still touching me
In the dark
As my head was buried
And wrapped beneath a blanket
Body horizontal on the couch
My name again
Perhaps an I love you
The accent familiar
The face unexpected
But also familiar
As I stood to give a hug
By the arm of the couch
Next to the wall

Seated again,
I fell off the couch
The second time
Remained, laying as I fell
Sinking again
In a heavy syrup sleep
After a night spent
In a white desert
Under a black sky
Under a full moon crowned
With a halo
Trailed by gray wisps of clouds
Precious drops of rain
Occasionally kissed us
As we talked till daybreak
Not wanting it to end
But running out of words
We slept

Now, the day came
In force, unwanted
Slanted columns of light
Streamed through windows
Through open doors
With children running
Parents arguing
And visitors flooding
The house
Laughing at me
Under the table
I, reluctantly waking
But dreaming of sleep
Reluctantly crawling
To the bathroom
To clean the syrup
Drenching my head
Oiling my hair
And finding the toilet
So so far
And odd in presence
I flushed it
And sat
And closed my eyes to relax...

But opened them abruptly
To dark silence
And me alone
With my head buried
And wrapped beneath a blanket
Body horizontal on the couch
And a fear that
One day I will wake
In a warm puddle