Art Gephyr

Hello You

Hello you.
I still remember the photograph
Of you dressed in rich blue
Amongst the gray-painted backdrop
Of generically ambiguous space
Bound in a cheaply gilded frame

You wore a smile so wild
With wide excitement tense
As ocean's deep water hue
And frothed anticipation
In the eddies of your crown

A snapshot of the moment
Exuberance flowed to
Overwhelm the discipline
Of an ordinary wood stool
And into the open conflict
Of a world ill suited
To contain you

Hello you.
I still remember the time
Long spent at the window
Looking out to peer in
The microcosmos of intertwined
House-vine jungles
Teeming with miniature beasts

A cardboard box called earth
Ruled by a god
Untarnished with good
Untouched by evil
Aware of only what is
And it is life
To be unwound, probed
Dissected, digested then recreated

Within infinite time
And unending space
Allies required no genetic resemblance
Communication transcended word
As floods carved winding caverns
In the flowerbed of mother's earth
Worlds began and ended and began again

Hello you.
It's been a long time
Since we've talked, chatted
Confided in each other

Along the way you have been
Crushed by the open mindedness
Of enlightened conformity
You have been pitied
Cast aside as an unsightly relic
Of prehistoric times
Misunderstood and forgotten

If perhaps you are still there
Watching from above
Or buried somewhere deep
Within the kernel of my mind
If perhaps you are still listening
Curled between the echoes in a cochlea
Or along my side
In a parallel universe
I just have to confess

You were right
You were always right
Sorry I ever doubted