Art Gephyr

i bring you water

i bring you water
but you drink instead
with hands cupped
from the running stream
of the bathroom faucet.
i will not stop you,
as you stare dumbfounded
at the glass on the nightstand.

you speak freely of pornography,
wild careers of sex stars
but shyly slip on your briefs.
i laugh while you blush--
as your dick
tickled my throat
five minutes prior.

you sleep, curled around me
but wake, startled,
to tell me of a saturday
morning emergency.
i set you free.

you call me early
to ask how i am
then hastily hang up
with a---"keep in touch."

i hear from your world
extremes of single nights
or dark eternities.
when you wake from the
terror of our hypothetical grandkids,
call me to taste again
the present medium.