Art Gephyr

You Are a Labyrinth

You are a labyrinth, like one of many enigmas
from which I've survived. But oh, the longing I have
to break the riddle, and have you, all of you
laid before me, solved and free.

As if this time, I will find and slay,
no, better cure, with affection, the wounded beast within.
I armed with soft nakedness, infinitely resilient
will crack your teeth and curl your brittle nails under.

Crossing the gateway, balanced between hero
and fool, the guiding string that held my heart
left and center comes undone, and the amorphous mass falls
reverberating warnings down my chest.

"Trust yourself", as I place my ear against my gut
but deny my better judgment. Enticed by victory,
seduced by fantasy, imagining bodies intertwined,
I lose myself again in a maze of horrors.