Art Gephyr

words sound more meaningful with music

words sound more meaningful with music
i shut my eyes
and ask myself why am i here
and would it matter when i look back?

moments already gone
plans and dreams lingering
spent sitting on the firm threads of a new couch
staring blankly into the company of a screen

for your ears only you want to share
what you cannot even dare to think
the shards that fly out from a hole
in the metal wall that divides us from the outside

while the cold air creeps in into my mind
and i loose focus amongst the steady stream
of endless commercials of how
when you want to speak and are interrupted

words sound more meaningful with rhythm
in endless segments of three minute clips
flashing lights and youth frozen
while mesmerized on the throne of a life

at the edge of deception
i must decide what i want
what memories will cycle through my mind
if i've abandoned the common track

because sound is more meaningful with eyes closed
the patience to wait to seize the attention
of a look that comes too late
and the admission as if by accident

at the end of the night
the last moments before realizing a bye
where did the empty chair next to you go?
blocked or filled with the opposite intention

words have more meaning with pause
to let go of thinking and release the disconnect
of an asymmetrical face, who stands out
memorable but not for model beauty

of a hand on your face and a melody in my mind
and in my mind alone
to sort through and wonder when you ripped
your arm from mine to stop in panic

words have more meaning when unspoken
to drift as the glow of pixels before me
and the torment of kissing the wrong person
the beautiful wide eyed russian

not you